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Predator on ground

The PREDATOR is an advanced hang glider designed to meet the exacting requirements of the advanced pilot. The Predator is strong, light weight, has excellent handling, performance and great landing characteristics.

The proven carbon fiber airframe enables the Predator to be both light and strong, and allows a dialed-in flex/rigidity distribution to give super strength, excellent wing shape definition and great handling. To improve performance the Predator is designed with reduced twist and a myriad of unique design features that enhance the performance characteristics yet still maintain pitch stability and sweet handling. The Predator’s semi-symmetrical airfoil in the tip area produces less drag at low angles of attack which results in a higher usable top speed and improved high speed glide ratio. To further improve wing efficiency, particularly in the tip area, the Predator incorporates boundary layer energizers (vortex generators) that keep the airflow attached through higher angles of attack.

The Predator sail is made by the most experienced and meticulous sailmaking team in the hang gliding industry who use materials and techniques geared toward a higher quality and longer lasting sail. The Predator has one of the highest aspect ratios (8:1) of any glider for better glide potential.

The Predator is a unique wing. Even with its exceptional performance, you will enjoy the feel of confidence in all flying conditions in your Predator.

We at UP understand that your choice of glider is important to you. The Predator is a glider designed by a team that knows what it means to fly an exceptional glider. From set-up to landability, your glider must be the best. You will find that your Predator will meet or exceed your requirements, from subtle details such as comfortable static balance to performance characteristics such as the fastest documented acceleration of any glider in the world.

Span 34' 35' 4"
Area 142.5 ft2 158 ft2
Aspect ratio 8.0 : 1 8.0 : 1
Pilot hook-in weight 140 - 220 lbs 220 - 300 lbs.
Nose Angle 132 132
Airframe Carbon Fiber/6061 Carbon Fiber/6061
Pilot skill Advanced Advanced
Weight 64 lbs. 67 lbs.
List Price (US $) $5900 $5995

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Standard Features

  • Vortex generators on aft leading edge
  • Automatic kingpost system for hassle-free quick set-up - integral with rear haulback
  • Internal lacing system for inflight airfoil adjustment - integral with VG
  • Semi-symmetrical 100% double surface tip area
  • Low drag Sensor downtubes and king-post
  • No-kink side wire attachment - machined corner fitting to allow side wire rotation during fold down
  • Plastic teardrop tip fairings
  • Profiltm, or X-ply leading edge cloth with Mylar inserts for improved sail shape and durability
  • Heavy-duty polyester cover bag with polyurethane lining - padded in vortex generator area


  • Speed ribs in tip area (recommended for extensive aerobatic or high speed flight)
  • Various mylar types for the leading edge
  • Trailing edge string (anti-tear)
  • Lever style rib tips

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