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The Saturn was designed to be a new pilot’s first-purchase glider after the novice rating is achieved.  It has an excellent sink rate, light handling, easy landability and good speed range with no oscillation tendencies.  Using Predator technology the Saturn displays excellent soaring performance while retaining novice level control qualities.  The great FUN of flying the Saturn comes from the light, responsive handling, confidence-inspiring stability and from getting above the high performance gliders.

A Saturn flying in front of Lone Peak

Standard Features

  • Variable geometry system (VG)
  • Rear keel "kickstand" for civilized set-up
  • Faired uprights and kingpost for less parasite drag
  • Automatic kingpost system for hassle-free quick set-up
  • Fewer ribs to install for quicker set-up (3 root ribs can stay in sail)
  • ProfilTM leading edge cloth for improved sail shape and durability
  • 7075 airframe for light weight
  • Predator hardware for no-kink side wire attachment
  • Quick-pin speed bar for fast set-up and comfortable control


  • Asymmetrical sail design
  • Various mylar types for the leading edge
  • Lower drag downtubes and kingpost
  • Lever style rib tips

The Saturn is an excellent step between the training glider and a high performance wing. Many pilots will enjoy the well-rounded performance / flight characteristic package of the Saturn so much that they might never feel the need to move up to a "blade" wing.

Finally! The glider you have always wanted is here. A light-weight, inexpensive, easy-to-fly wing that sinks nearly as well as topless and rigid wings. What else would you expect from UP, an American hang glider company with pilots in mind? Ask your dealer for a test flight on the Saturn.

Area 167 ft2 147 ft2
Span 33’ 4" 30’ 7"
Aspect ratio 6.64 : 1 6.32 : 1
Airframe 7075 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum
Pilot hook-in weight 160 - 260 lbs. 120 - 220 lbs.
Glider weight 61 lbs. 54 lbs.
Pilot skill Hang II Hang II
List Price (US $) $4475 $4400
Planform view of a Saturn in flight.

Like to hear more about the Saturn?  Check out the Saturn 167 review by Morgan Hall.

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